Our Client Testimonials

  • Many thanks for taking time out to visit with us and treating us to dinner. You didn’t have to, but you did and that makes you a standup guy. It was a very informative meeting and I left with a good feeling that my wife and I are in a good position to do something with our tower in the very near future.

          Steve from MI
           Private Landowner,

  • The SITA assessment was very helpful to us in the negotiation process. Also worked with Todd at CTA and was very pleased!

          Joe from CT
          Business Owner, Proposed Lease AT&T,

  • Your report was very helpful during our negotiations with Verizon. We have signed a lease and achieved an increase in the monthly rate!

          Justin from RI
           Private Landowner, Proposed Lease Verizon,

  • The report I received was overwhelmingly complete and helpful. Ken is extremely responsive.

          Raul from MI
           RBC Ministries, Tower Valuation,

  • All information needed was provided in our assessment and we were able to make an informed decision of which offer to accept.

           Mike from GA
           Private Landowner, Lease Buyout,

  • Very pleased with the report Ken provided and the new terms we received.

           Tom from FL
          Private Landowner, Lease Expiration Crown Castle,

  • I had no prior experience and SITA was very helpful. They provided a benchmark to work with relevant data.

           Mark from MN
           Property Investor, Lease Expiration Crown Castle,

  • Working with SITA was great. The process of negotiating the terms was a slow process. With help from SITA we finally got there!

           Dwayne from FL
          Property Investor, Lease Extension/Buyout American Tower,

  • Working with Steel In The Air has been a great experience. Very pleased with the improved rates and terms we received.

           Clark from TN
           Private Landowner, Proposed Lease AT&T,

  • Steve is very, very good at what he does! Got right down to the nitty gritty. My personal attorney thought I had found a great consultant with SITA. The lease has been signed and counter signed and the rates and terms were definitely improved.

           Lynn from TX
           Business Owner, Proposed Lease AT&T,

  • It is absolutely vital that lease holders due their due diligence. Working with Ken and Gypsy has been terrific. Most commercial real estate agents don’t understand the cellular industry, so I found working with SITA to be a bargain!

           Stephen from TX
           Condominium Association, Lease Buyout Crown Castle and Unison,

  • The assessment provided by Steel In The Air was very helpful. We now have another offer on the table and it is good to know that Ken is available to help us with this.

           Ellen from FL
           Condominium Association, Lease Buyout Crown Castle,

  • With the information we received from SITA, we can now monetize the payments when we sell the tower revenue and we have included this in our 2014 budget.

           Jeff from NC
          Business Owner, Tower Buyout Crown Castle and Unison,

  • My fee to Steel In The Air was money well spent!

           Mike from CT
          Business Owner, Proposed Lease AT&T,

  • Our group was very pleased with the information Ken provided. He advised us to wait to sell the tower revenue and we all agreed this was the correct direction to take. The report was very complete and did not lack any information we needed to make our decision.

           Frank from MI
           Private Club, Tower Buyout APWireless and Crown Castle,

  • The report provided by Steel In The Air was very helpful and comprehensive. We took the recommendations made by SITA and signed the amendment with the carrier. We are very happy with the outcome of this project.

           Craig from IA
           Public School District, Lease Modification LTE AT&T,

  • We were extremely happy with the report provided by Steel In The Air. We would be pleased to be a reference for this company in the future.

           Christina from FL
          Sun Trust Bank, Tower Buyout,

  • Mission accomplished! We will call on Ken Schmidt again as other issues come up in the future.

           Tom from NY
           Condominium Association, Site Audit,

  • Ken: We have closed with Crown Castle and they have just wired the proceeds to our firm’s account. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I will continue to refer people to you. Thank you so very much!

          Bill from FL
          Condo Association Attorney, Lease Buyout 3rd Party,

  • I was extremely pleased with the work done by Steel in the Air. Their assessment of the proposals we received from tower companies was extremely helpful, as was their review of the market terms for other towers in the area.

          Paul from FL
          HOA/COA, Not for Profit, Legal, Proposed Lease